Unable to open any enw file - mac

Hi, I downloaded a trial of endnote (haven’t used it for years but do have previous experience), and installed it properly. All of the buttons/menus are integrated into word, and the default file associate of .enw are configured to use endnote.

However, when I click on any .enw file, it just brings up a file search box asking me to point it to the .enw file and the files are greyed out.

Then, when I click on insert citation from the integrated endnote microsoft word menu, the file search box opens and all of the .enw files are greyed out so it can’t open them.

Has anyone seen this problem before and/or is there a fix for it? I prefer to use endnote but if there’s issues with it right out of the box I’m definitely going with a different application unless it’s an easy fix.

thanks in advance for any assistance!

So the .enw is an endnote import file – Have you tried opening endnote and asking to open in from endnote? often it is a browser that doesn’t know how to open it? is this on Windows or a Mac.

I just uninstalled it, not messing with the software if it won’t even open its own files.