CWYW not working all of a sudden - Mac OS 10.5; Word 2004; Endnote X1

I just changed computers (from one iBook G4 to a slightly newer one, but no major differences except an OS upgrade), and brought all of my files and applications over to the new one. Everything seems to be working well… except for Endnote.

First of all, I cannot get CWYW to work properly. I clicked on the icon in the endnote folder to open up CWYW in Word 2004. This enables the “insert citation” and “return to word” buttons in Endnote, but it did not create the Endnote toolbar or the Endnote submenu in the tools menu in Word. What’s more, every time I quit and reopen Word and Endnote, the connection has disappeared and I have to enable it again. For the record, I was using an interim computer running Word 2000, and I was able to open and establish CWYW just fine on that one, so I don’t think it’s just a problem of having switched computers. That one, however, was running OS 10.4, as was my original computer, so it’s possible that switching operating systems could be one problem. 

One more issue that I only just discovered: I can no longer import downloaded citations into endnote. When I try to open a file downloaded from Google Scholar (scholar.enw), it says there is no application to open the file, and it won’t let me select Endnote.

I’m hoping to switch to Endnote X2 shortly (I get it through my university and they don’t have the Mac version available yet) so hopefully my problems will go away then, but in the mean time I still rely on Endnote for a lot of my work and would really like this headache to go away!

Thanks in advance for any advice or solutions! 

Update: I managed to get the EndNote toolbar to appear in Word by going to Customize in Endnote. BUT, even after formatting my bibliography, a couple of new citations that I added in a document since making the switch are appearing in a different font and larger size. The citations that were already in the document are normal. Any idea how I can fix this? And the download citations bit is still a problem…