Unconventional Sources

Hi. I’m wondering what approaches others have taken with a source that just doesn’t fit into any format. For example, I’m trying to put an academic journal (called “Concilium”) in the right format. Apparently I’m not the first to struggle with this journal because I found this explanation on a university website, which I’ve copy-and-pasted below:

A Case of Difficult Journal Citation: How to Cite Concilium

Concilium is a journal that is published four times a year in numerous languages and at numerous places of publication. It has individual issue titles and editors. It does not have volume numbers, only issue numbers 1–4 in a given year.

In this case, it is necessary to use the year as a volume number (on this, see CMS 15.225, second example). It is also necessary to give the place of publication, as the journal is published at numerous locations. Finally, the title of an individual issue and its editors should be listed.

E.g., Elizondo, Felisa. “Violence Against Women: Strategies of Resistance and Sources of Healing in Christianity.” In Violence Against Women. Ed. Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza and M. Shawn Copeland. Concilium 1994, no. 1. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1994, 99–108.

So, while I completely understand how the final bibliographical reference should look, I have no idea how to input this into a new reference. “Journal Article” seems like the obvious choice but there are problems there, such as not having a box for editors. Do I just learn how to customize “Journal Article” to meet these issues or is there a better way?


It’s possible to use the Journal Article reference type - with minor modifications to the reference type template and output style. What output style are you using?

Which style are you using? 

I played around a bit.  To begin entering the parts,  I would set the ref type as book section, and put the _Concilium 1994 _in the volume field and the author, editor, article title and enter the issue title as book title. Enter the series number into the “series volume” field.  How close is this to what you want?  You might not get all the pieces.  Then try switching the ref type for this record, into “Generic” and see how close the output comes to what you want.  You can also try deleting the Concilium from the “vol” and adding the journal name to the tertiary title field instead, and then making sure you add that title field to your generic (or book section) output style with the appropriate “link adjacent” and separation characters, although you otherwise use the generic ref type so rarely, it probably won’t be a big problem.   

Sorry, I’m using Turabian.

I’ll try these suggestions today and see how it goes.

I should mention that while I’ve been using Endnote for a couple of years, it has only been in a very limited, simple way but I’m trying to really learn it in more detail now as I gear up for my PhD dissertation! Lots of dumb questions to come…lol