formatting bib. inserts gibberish, word formatting changed Word 2003, EndNote 9

I find that when I insert a citation, it looks normal if I keep it at the unformatted stage - brackets.  When I enable instant formatting, I get a string of what must be code and the quotation recorded in the notes section from the library.  At the same time, Word formatting such as page numbers are reverted to {page} and inserted figures from both word and excel are erased - except that brackets and “merge” appear.

I am working with Word 2003 and EndNote 9 on Vista.  This occurred suddenly, while the documents were closed, endnote open, and the computer unused for a half hour.

Thanks very much in advance; - couldn’t find the issue already in the forum.

That is a word setting, show fields.  Alt F9 will fix it, and is likely what you accidentially did to activate it.

You are a total genius.  :smileyvery-happy:

I love EndNote - when I use it properly!