in text citations not converting from formatted to unformatted properly - output in text is half of each...

Hi all!

I am having an issue where the citations that i have inserted into the body of my text (when there are multiple citations lined up) are not converting from formatted to unformatted properly…

This is what happens:

  •  I add the citations the usual way (click insert citation button in word–>search and select citation from endnote–>press insert button

  •  The citations are inserted into the document using either “unformatted citations” or formatted by the numbering system

  •  Then I update bibliography and notice that some of the references are in numbered format (as I expect they should be) and then there are duplicates and sometimes additional references that have not been converted to the numbered format.  Such as this:

[1, 19, 35],  #229),  #229),  #229),  #229),  #229),  #229), 2011-2014 #229). 

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks!  Any help appreciated.


What do these citations look like in the “unformatted” curley bracketed temporary citations?  Were they ever converted to “Author (Year)” citations?