Unstyled reference

Which style corresponds to “No style” when you’re in word? E.g. so you keep the endnote link a la:

{Dingle, 2007 #1144}.



Your example {Dingle, 2007 #1144} is an example of a  temporary or unformatted citation. To convert in-text citations to this format go to the EndNote “Bibliography” section in the MS Word ribbon, click the Convert Citations and Bibliography menu then select: Convert to Unformatted Citations.

This should also  turn off CWYW  (Cite While You Write), but if you want this setting in all documents, you are best off, turning off CWYW in the preferences of endnote, which will turn it off for all new documents.  You still need to turn it off or unformat citations for all existing documents.  Then you can manually format the citations/bibliography from the endnote tools when ready to submit.