"Update Citations" function missing (Word 2003 and Endnote X101)


I’m experiencing a problem with Word 2003 and Endnote X101:

I found out that there is no “update citations” function in the Endnote toolbar under Word2003. I’m using it also under Word 2007 - and there is the “update citations and bibliography” function - but not under Word 2003 (see also the toolbar screenshot).

I’m looking forward to your recommendations fixing this problem.

Thank you very much in advance


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We changed the names of the buttons in the Word 2007 EndNote ribbon tab for greater consistency and clarity.  In Word 2003, which uses a toolbar and not a ribbon tab, the button is called “Format Bibliography”.  Similarly, “Convert to Unformatted Citations” is the same as "Unformat Citation(s), and “Convert to Plain Text” is the same as “Remove Field Codes”. 

You’ll notice that the button graphics – the numbered list, the square brackets with the leftwards arrow or # sign – are the same in both versions for consistency’s sake.

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Okay, they weren’t corrupted.  You had somehow (alt-F9 probably) revealed codes, inadvertantly.  Make sure that setting is off in Words preferences, or hit alt-F9 again. 

And as Mike says, the button to “update citations” is “Format Bibliography”.  While you are there, if you want Cite While You Write on, you will need to turn it on again, from the third tab of the Format Bibliography menu window.