Cannot update EndNote X7.5.3 on Mac

After installing X7.5.3 (downloaded from my uni) on my iMac and running the app it immediately wants to update.

After downloading the update in the background an installer dialog opens but the process ends with the error “this updater was unable to find any copies of endnote that could be updated …”

I found a “solution” online - trash the EndNote file and re-install - which did not work.

I have tried installing the update (both cumulative and incremental) from here ( all without success.

The install log file reveals an error:

ERROR: Missing required file: /Applications/EndNote X7/Services/

Viewing the contents of in Finder confirms the file Info.plist is missing from that location, but it is located in /Contents/_CodeSignature/Info.plist.

Can anyone help in resolving this??? 

I have given up on X7.5.3 ~ trying X8 (some sources say it’s compatible with Mac Word 2011, some say not …)