Upgrading X5 to X7 - process / license numbers


My boss has X5 on 3 different computers of hers (work, laptop, home), and would like to upgrade all 3 to X7 (and eventually X8) because X5 is not playing nice with Word 2016.

When our group purchased X5, we bought 2 copies for two researchers. I don’t have access to all of my boss’s computers to check, but I have a suspicion that X5 on 2 of her computers have been activated with one license key (“L1”);  but X5 on the the third computer was mistakenly activated with the other license key (“L2”). The other researcher (owner of “L2”) has since left our group. Now we just want to make sure that my boss’s 3 computers are upgraded to X7, with a single license for the 3 computers.

Having never upgraded EndNote, I’m a little unsure of the process. If we purchase the “Upgrade” option (e.g., estore.onthehub.com/WebStore/OfferingDetails.aspx?o=fd8745f1-9976-e611-9421-b8ca3a5db7a1&pmv=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000), will we be able to simply “upgrade” using the single original X5 license key (“L1”) for all 3 computers – even if her laptop’s version of X5 was activated using “L2”?

Because I have seen reference to uninstalling the prior version before “upgrading”, I believe this is the case, but want to really make sure before I make a mistake and regret this purchase.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.


An Endnote license allows installation of the software on two computers. For additional installs suggest you contact “sales” for assistance in purchasing instead of purchasing the software online. By contacting sales you will be able to request and receive the three-installation license, installation instructions, and also obtain how to upgrade to Endnote X8 when the software is released(which may be free of charge for users who upgraded to Endnote X7 now).

BTW, if you are affiliated with an educational institution (college/university) you might check if your campus has a site license office which distributes software such as Endnote to faculty/staff/students at the educational price-rate.

Sales inquiries

call directly at 800.722.1227 or contact a distributor in your region

or submit a request  http://endnote.com/buy/sales-information-request

Unfortunately, our unstitution does not have a site license, so we are on our own.

But the license agreement posted at endnote.com/license says:

"…1.  LICENSE GRANT.  Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Thomson Reuters (Scientific) LLC hereby grants to End User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, individual license to use the Product solely for the purpose of searching online resources for references, creating and building a personal library of references, formatting references, and creating uniform citations and footnotes for End User’s projects. 

In addition, if End User is using a desktop version of EndNote: 

(a) End User may (i) i nstall one copy of the Software on up to three computers for End User’s personal use"

So I think it can be installed on my boss’s 3 computers (work, laptop, home).

My real question, though, is:

She currently has EndNote X5 on those 3 computers, but the 3 installations are currently on two different licenses (L1 and L2), due to a mistake on the part of our long-gone IT guy.

She would like to upgrade to X7, but obviously doesn’t want to buy 2 upgrades if she only needs 1.

To install X7 on these 3 exisiting personal X5 installations, will she need to enter in matching serial numbers from both exisiting licenses (L1 and L2)?

Or, moving forward, can she just use L1’s serial number for these 3 upgrades (and future upgrades)?

More to the point…what actually happens when you run the upgrade? It seems like it does not actually modify the existing installation, but just asks you for your serial number. If that is the case, then it seems that she can just enter her actual serial number (L1) when she installs the software on all 3 of her computers – and she will forget about L2, and from now on, “her” serial number will perpetually be L1. I think. 

to install the upgrade you usually need to have one older version serial number and the new Key.  

In my experience it doesn’t matter which one.  

I have used old ones - often not the most recent one, as I have a card or manual in my office (that tells you how old a version it might be).  As long as you are within the license rules, you are good.  – I would use the same one for each upgrade.  It isn’t checking if the one you use is the license on the machine you are upgrading.