URGENT PROBLEM Words-EndNotes: all documents appear to be ruined

Hello (I made a walk to think about a problem, and when I switched on the computer to write down my ideas I discovered:),

all endnote references in all my word documents have been converted into a mess (several lines of tags per reference). This is not related to the output style chosen (Word does not react anymore to changes in output styles).

Interestingly, the Word table of contents has been changed into a single line of weird signs, too.

In Endnote, everything looks fine.

I am using EndNote 9, Word 2003, Windows XP.

Any help that allows me to get back to work would be greatly appreciated!!!


I think you have the same problem as described in this post to forum: http://forums.thomsonscientific.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-howto&message.id=570#M570

The solution is to switch off codes by pressing Alt+F9 key

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Thanks! & back to work with a relieved smile!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!