Table of Contents Error w/ Endnote X.0.2

I am finishing my thesis using EndNote and Word 2007 sp1. I am using Word’s page numbering feature and having it generate a table of contents based off of the headings from sections. When I do this, it creates a table of contents entry for each citation in the bibliography. It looks like the field codes used by EndNote are the same as those for the Heading style. When I try to manually highlight all of the citations in the bibliography section and change them to body text style (so they wouldn’t be picked up by the table of contents) it completely erases all the formatting (line spacing, tabs, hanging indent etc).

How can I get EndNote to modify the formatting so bibliography entries are not classified as headings?

The likely problem here is that the final paragraph of the original document (assuming that’s the location of the Bibliography) was formatted in one of Word’s Heading styles. When this is done, every paragraph in the Bibliography takes on the Heading style, so the Bibliography is then reproduced in the Table of Contents.

The solution is:

  1. Unformat the citations;
  2. Go to the final paragraph in the document and remove any Heading style;
  3. Reformat the Bibliography; and
  4. Update the Table of Contents.
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This has happened to me, too. In my project reports, level 1 headings are centered and bold. If I format the “References” heading, then each bibliographic entry is centered and bold. The work-around is easy. Wait until I finish everything else before formatting the References heading.

Try the instruction I gave here.

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I finally fixed the problem by just unformatting and reformatting the field codes, but my guess is that’s a transient solution. I appreciate the help and will use the fixes posted here if it happens again.

Table of content and endnote prgram (9 version)seemed to be conflicted. Do I need to convert to plain text to remove coding of ennote? I did use fox Table of Content without converting to plain text, however I tried the list in table of content get distort and changing of font size and other features do not work. Any advice?