URL displaying incorrectly in Reference List


I searched the forum and couldn’t find this mentioned before…

The URLs in my website citations are correct in EnNote Mac X6.0.2 library, but in the Reference List in my Word Document they are displaying incorrectly at the end of the URL.



previews correctly as

in EndNote following my Harvard_Aust_2010 style, but within my generated Reference List at the end of my Word Doc, it’s diplaying as


Does anyone know what the %3E is on the end? It’s on the end of all of the URLs in the reference list insteas of >.

The font size formatting of the URL is also different to the rest of the reference it belongs to. Is the font size controlled separately or generated automatically, or is it something to do with the URLs I pasted into the URL field in EndNote???

Any hape appreciated. Trying to get my PhD intro chapter displaying correctly.



p.s Running MS Word for Mac 2011 Version 14.0.0 (100825) on OSX 10.8.5

So I’ve since discovered…

So, what you’re seeing is an unconverted end-of-link character. We use them to wrap links here because many mail applications understand that those very long URLs that wrap between lines should be treated as one link when enclosed between “<” and “>”.

Does anyone know why Word might be adding this?


Sorry to see that no one has replied to your post.  I’m having the same problem - I expect you figured this out in the end, what did you do?

I am also having the same problem and would appreciate any help/solution/further info. 

This may be a very clumsy solution, but today: I went into the Endnote menu: EndnoteX6/ Edit/Output style/Blbliography/Templates/Web page and where it says <URL> , I deleted the >, so that now it reads <URL     That removed the unwanted %3E being printed out in the bibliography. Then in the bibliography, I just added a > at the end of each of the appropriate web references. 

I am sure that there must be some other way of fixing the problem.  But i can’t find it and this is easy. 

I was having this problem too and after looking around for a solution and not finding one I figured it might be something Word is doing, rather than something Endnote is doing wrong. Turns out I was right. When Word converts the URL it gets confused and takes the > at the end as part of the URL, then screws it up!

The solution is to go into your word preferences and stop it from automatically creating hyperlinks:

Preferences - AutoCorrect - AutoFormat as you type

un-check Internet and Network paths with hyperlinks