Using SpringenBasicNumers style as citation style in word


I use the 30-day trial of EndNote X8. I want to work in my word document with a specific style (named SpringerBasicNumbers) which is one a the ‘premade’ styles in EndNote.

Unfortunately I can not use the style in my word document. there are only 21 styles available (and SpringerBasic Numers is not one of them).

How can solve the problem? Is this due to the fact that I’m useing a trial version? 

Thanks in advance 

Only a small selection are installed by default, but you can get more.  (If you install too many, Endnote begins to act sluggish)

You should be able to retrieve any output style available from the endnote website (thru Help> Endnote Output Styles) but I don’t think it is there either.  I believe that one is available from Springer’s site - and not in the Endnote collection.  I see I downloaded it once before in late 2012.  (I don’t know if it will have changed) see: 

but also attach it below.  

Open it (it should open in Endnote) then save as – remove the copy word (don’t need unless it were already in your collection) and save.  Then in Word choose “select another style” and the full list of available styles you have installed should come up, and you can choose this one.  – it should appear in your dropdown after that.  

SpringerBasicAuthorDate.ens (32.8 KB)