Vancouver Reference List

An academic I am assisting has an extensive reference list. He is using Vancouver and the formatting has beeb correct for the first 374 references. Then for the numbers 375 to 393 errors occur before reverting to the correct format once again (a few for the references between 375 and 393 are also correct).

The error occuring is consistent. The author listing is being replaced by random letters e.g.

Y I, T S, K T, HY, T T, K H - Effect of smoking on the prevalence of albuminuria in Japanese men with…

C H, A K - Role of physical activity in diabetes management and prevention…

Has anyone else experienced this error and more importantly do you knowhow to correct it?


A few thoughts:

  1. What version of EndNote, MS Word, and operating system is the user running?

  2. Is the user using the current version of Vancouver (dated 5/3/2011) and/or tried downloading and installing the new file in the event his output style file has been corrupted?

  3. Has the user updated his EndNote software version to include the latest patches:

  1. Has the user tried unformattinng then reformatting his document to see if it helps “reset” the EndNote citations/references?  (Test this on a backup copy of the document - not the original.)

  2. Has the user collaborated with another colleague so as to receive EndNote in-text citations/references from the other person’s EndNote library without integrating them into a single shared/common library?

I suspect that this error is due to an error in the author entry for the records with the initials instead of names.  Check those records to see if the authors have been entered on one line instead of one author per line. 

Thanks for your suggestions. I have emailed the person concerned and will systematically work through these when we meet.