viewing PDF attachments on my phone

I have a set of about 50 references, all with PDF attachments, in an Endnote X6 group on my Macintosh. I’d like to export the the PDF files into a folder so that I can zip them up and transfer them onto my phone, then read & annotate them using GoodReader while I’m away from the office. The only way I can see to do this is to laboriously select each reference, control-click to get the context menu, select File Attachments>Save As… and then go through the Save As dialog, all for each reference. If I select all of the references in the group, EndNote arbitrarily picks just one for any file attachment operation.

Is there some way I can copy a collection of PDF attachments from selected references into a folder all at once?

[Now, what would be a great feature is some kind of smart export wherein copies of all of the attachments of the selected references are placed a specified folder, named according to some ad-hoc export format such as AuthorDateID.pdf. I can imagine a Save As… dialog wherein instead of entering a literal string as the name, you select various fields from a palette such as author, date, title, journal, etc., to be used to construct the names. This could then be used to save multiple attachments in one fell swoop.]