Vista/Firefox/Word 2007 connection problems


Using Vista/Firefox/Word 2007 on a computer with multiple profiles, I often have trouble using CWYW.  I can sign in, but when I try to insert a citation, I get a message that reads something to the effect of “Endnote could note connect to the Endnote Web server.  Please check your e-mail address and password and try again.” This happens repeatedly.  I don’t know what to do.  Any suggestions?

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The same situation… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

Any solutions?




I had the same problem but after installing the Firefox Toolbar (I don’t use Internet Explorer) and

it worked without a problem and now I can search and insert citations without logging in through WORD.

Maybe it works for you too.

If not, I also choose “keep me logged in until I log out” at the EndNoteWeb Start page.

Greets tringanebularia

I have the same problem. One of my collegues has stopped using endnoteweb alltogether, she was so frustrated with the failed connection messages…

right now I cannot even login on the web site

there must be some overload problem

can this be fixed by the powers that be ?

so, with the tollbar, can you insert citations in your word document or just in your database ?

For those having this problem, can you check the login credentials in the Cite While You Write applications preferences?  If there is login information stored there, is it the same as the login you tried to use with Cite While You Write?

Mathilda, the EndNote Web team