What browser does Mac EndNote X7 use for authentication interface/cookie?

On Mac, how does EndNote X7 render the FFT authentication interface, and where is the authentication cookie stored? I have a Mac user who tells me she’s reset browser data in both Safari and Firefox and restarted EndNote multiple times, but her FFT authentication is still active.

I figured out that on Windows, EndNote X7 uses IE as the browser back end when it processes Find Full Text authentication – when the user logs in, the authentication cookie is stored as an IE cookie, and clearing IE browser data will reset EndNote authentication. I’m now looking for the analogous info for Mac.

For some context, we’ve been doing some testing in EndNote of the Find Full Text Authentication feature since our institution recently made some changes to its institutional login. We need to be able to kill the authentication session at will in order to test effectively. It would also be helpful generally to know how EndNote is parsing this web data because currently it’s not rendering the new login pages very well – CSS isues, choking on Javascript, etc.

Also, has anyone had experience with getting a complex two-step authentication web interface to display prettily in EndNote X7?


Emily Kelly

Production Systems Librarian

Harvard University