what is the preferred method for entering a Research Interview/ Personal Communication?

I am having a hard time finding a format that permits me to indicate the name of the interviewee as the ‘author’/lead name, while also including my name as interviewer.

Everything I try spits me out as “Editor”

It sounds like you may be using the wrong reference type (e.g., Edited Book). Depending upon the requirements of your discipline’s style, would the “Personal Communication” reference type offer some “foundation” for developing something better suited to your needs?  EndNote also offers unused reference types which can be customized to “fit” a particular reference - comes in handy especially when dealing with a number of references.

thanks crazy gecko – I will explore more, and try customizing the unused reference type.  I have tried ‘personal communication’, as well as ‘generic’, and experimented with different fields; they all seem to assign the fields that I try (secondary author, etc) as “Editor” in the APA format that is standard in my discipline.

Also note that a corresponding output style template for the Customized reference type will need to be made.  If you have questions about either, just post a question with an example of the desired bibliographic output which will give a clue as to what will need to be “constructed”.