When using "Insert as Link" option in Word 2003 I only get references in footnotes listed in the bibliography

I am using Word 2003 and EndNote X on Windows XP SP3

Here’s the problem. I like working with individual files each one containing a chapter of my thesis.

After working with each individual chapter I want to join all my chapters (individual Word documents) in one single document to update cross-references with the proper page numbers. To do this, I start a new Word document (lets call it GeneralDocument) and add each one of my chapters using Insert > File and choosing the option “Insert as Link”. I do this because I will surely need to continue editing each chapter and I like doing this independently of everything else but I want all changes ultimately reflected in GeneralDocument.

After doing this I want to generate a general bibliography of all chapters at the end of the GeneralDocument. To do this I use the “Format bibliography” button in the EndNote bar in Word. The result, however, is that ONLY references appearing in the footnotes of each chapter or document added end up appearing in the bibliography of the GeneralDocument. All other references are ignored.

I have done this procedure to generate a bibliography at the end of each chapter separately and I do get all the references at the end of each chapter as it should be. The problem described only occurs when I add each chapter into the GeneralDocument as indicated (i.e. using “Insert as Link”) and then generating a general bibliography.

Note: I am not using the Master document feature in Word.

Hope you can help! 

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  1. Are you certain you are using the same/correct style for formating the combined document?

  2. Did you try unformating everything and reformating?  (which is when you can also check you are using the correct style). 


Before adding each individual chapter or document all references are unformatted. Each individual chapter is using the same reference style. The GeneralDocument is also using the same reference style.

Is that what you mean? Else would you care to elaborate how to make sure I am using the same style?


I mean the “output style” - which I assume is what you mean too?  So what happens to the references that aren’t in footnotes?  Do they disappear, or do they remain as brackets? I can run any tests until I am back in my office.  I have never tried the “insert link” way of combining chapters, so I am not sure how Endnote would interpret those.

Yes, I am using the same output style across each individual chapter and in the GeneralDocument. References that are not in footnotes are simply ignored. They do remain in the GeneralDocument within {curly} brackets.

Just to check whether my files may be corrupted I did another test. I guess you could do the same just to see the “effect”.

  1. Start a new Word document A and insert some references from EndNote in the body of the text and then some as footnotes. Make sure they all references are unformated.

  2. Start a new Word document B and “Insert as Link” document A.

  3. Now select the “Format Bibliography” button in the EndNote bar in Word.

  4. There you have it, only references in footnotes are displayed as a bibliography at the end of document B. The others are just ignored as if by magic… but the “black” type.

Do let me know if you can figure this out!

Thanks again! 

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EN does not work with embedded (linked) objects in Word file. It does work with citations only “inside” the document, and does not go “outside” the document (e.g. linked documents) to seek for references. Textbox is an exception, but textbox is not linked object. So, the only way to combine chapters into a single document is to format each chapter, remove field codes (fix the document), and merge them into a single file. The merged file doesn’t have EN field codes, so you no longer can change the bibliography. The best solution at this moment is to upgrade to EN X3 for section formatting feature.

I am not sure X3 will solve the problem though, of using the linking structure.  You would be able to construct chapters with individual reference sections and/or a final bibliograpy, but not unless you change the way of combining your chapters.  Interesting that it works on footnotes, though?

Hi, I have the same problem and am wondering whether this has been resolved since 2009. I use Endnote X1 and Word 2007.

Thanks for any help!