Where to find Modified Harvard in Endnote X9?

Hi, I am looking for modified Harvard style to add to my Endnote X9 library on my PC. On Endnote’s website, I found 25 Harvard variants, but none called “modified Harvard”, which I need for submission in the International Practice Development Journal.

They are saying their requirements are a “modified version of Harvard” not the name of a style that is necessarily available in Endnote’s list by that name … https://www.fons.org/resources/documents/Journal/IPDJ-Author-Guidelines-September-2022.pdf

It seems to have DOI added and may have a couple other tweaks. I will have a go at it.

Harvard IPDJ.ens (38.3 KB)
try this (if I can attach an .ens file)

Thank you, Leanne, this is perfect and will save me a lot of time! Irene

Hi Leanne,
Can you modify this modified version with one more little feature? In your modified version references within the text appear as follows: (Tynjälä, 2008;Snoeren, 2022). Is it possible to put a space between the two sources after the ;?
Hope this is possible!
Kind regards, Irene

Harvard IPDJ.ens (38.3 KB)

Done. (I think)

YESSS!!! Thank you very much, you are the best, Leanne!! :partying_face: :dizzy: :pray: