Wierd formatting errors.....frustrating!!!

Hi everyone…I’ve been a happy EndNote user for several years, and for the first time have now run into some frustrating issues…I upgraded from XP Home to XP Pro a few days ago (after my laptop crashed!), reinstalled EndNoteX1, and now I’m getting the following errors…I looked all around to see if anyone else had such problems, and found nothing similar, so am posting the screenshots as well.

  1. In the EndNote library, the preview pane shows a number before the authors name…not sure where that comes from and how to take it out…

  1. Here’s the real issue…the bibliography looks like this…note that it looks justified to the RIGHT, even though the justification tab on the Word toolbar is set to the LEFT. And not also how the ruler on top of the page is going from RIGHT to LEFT, opposite to the way it is going in the rest of the Word document.


Thanks in advance for any help someone might offer!


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The first issue, appears to be that output style you are using.  It appears that you are using a numbered output style.

Does this happen in a new blank document? If the bibliography appears correctly in a new blank document I would suggest copying and pasting just the body of text of the document into a new document and then try formatting it.

Thank you for responding!

NO…it does not seem to be happening when I try inserting references into a new document…issue 2 seems to be resolved now (:smiley:)…it looks justified to the left (as it should), and the ruler direction in MS Word is also not reversed!

I created a new EN library, and copied one of the references from my old library into the new one, but the previoe pane still shows a number (always 1) before the authors names. Does not seem to have an effect on the functioning of the program though!

Thanks so much again!


The Preview pane will show how the highlighted reference will look in the bibliography using the output style currently set in EndNote.  Numbered output styles will always display a 1 in the preview pane for the reference.  If you change the output style in EndNote to a non-numbered output style, APA 5th for example, you will not see a number before the reference.