Word 2007 Add-In problems

My organization recently upgraded our Office Suite to 2007. We had been running Reference Manger 12 Network in Office 2003 on Windows 7 machines with no problems. Once we upgraded to Office 2007 we had noticeable lag while switching applications. After applying the 12.0.2 update we discovered that the Word 2007 add-in is now disabled. The FAQ’s suggest reinstall which reverts us to 12.0.0, creating a vicious circle.

Our install is off the network using InstallRM12W.exe and we are unable to update from within RM12 due to a WiseUpdate client error. I have tried enabling the add-in (thru Windows Options >> Add-Ins) with administrator priveleges but it will not stick. I have tried reinstalling Office 2007 and Reference Manager 12 and have had no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated