Word 2008 crashes on any insert of a reference

On my Macbook Air running Leopard (10.5.6) I am using Word 2008 (German 12.1.3, last installed update: 12.1.4) and Endote X.01(BLD 2377) with a library containing around 550 references. Cite While You Write Update for Word 2008 is installed.


I have already inserted several references successfully into my Word document. Suddenly - at reference number 99 -  everytime I want to insert any new reference from Endnote Word 2008 crashes instantly without an error message.



I already work with a freshly installed version of EndNote and Word, in fact i reinstalled my entire Operating System not even using my Time Machine Backup in order to be on the safe side.  I did this as the exact same error already happend before, again around the 90th to 110th reference being made in Word. 



I am desparate as I cannot proceed to work on my disseration, hence I would so much appreciate your kind thoughts on either solve the cause of this or work around it.



Greetings from Munich,