Word can't close

Is this an Endnote problem? When I try to close Word (2003, pc version), it tries to save normal.dot, but of course it’s read only. There goes this long cycle of “save? no? well how about saving? no?” etc. which is very loopy and I feel like I’ll never get out. I’m surprised I haven’t found this problem here.

Thanks in advance for any help. I’ve been using Endnote for a year (yay Endnote, absolutely essential for graduate work) but do not consider myself in any way a power user.

Why “of course, it is read only”?  - unless your institution has some specific font/style requirements?  Did you make changes to the toolbars?  mine is set to let me know when changes have been made, but it isn’t read only.  – sometimes you just want to delete it and let MS word create a new one? 

sorry to here that ,i always suffer this problem.


Looks like some spam slipped in here.