Word crashes when editing citations

Whenever I try to edit an inserted citation from the default format [i.e. (Author, Year)] to simply Author (Year) , MS Word crashes. Any suggestions on a fix?

I am using MS Office Suite 2013 and Endnote X7.4 (Bld 8818) on a Windows 7 machine. 

When ever I experience a crash I make a backup copy then, I return the document to the unformated stage (“convert to unformatted citations”), then do a remove all field codes (I use Word’s select All (ctr+A) and then removed codes (ctrl+Shift+f9) and then reformat and see if that fixes the crash.  (see http://endnote.com/kb/81143) for more details)

You can also try inserting the “code” for Author (Year) in the unformated citation by following the recordnumber with @@author-year.  

{Adams, 1991 #5462@@author-year}