Word document with Endnote references to latex


I have a huge Word document with about 100 references that I included with Endnote. I started with Word to maintain comment bubbles for the references and to use track changes. However, I would now prefer to have the final version as a latex document to apply to the common standards.


Somewhere in the text: Genes are coded in the DNA of an organism [1].


References (at the end of the document): 1. Watscon JD, Crick F, “Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid”, Nature (1953)

Is there any possibility to convert the Word file into a LaTex file (while also transforming the references into proper LaTex references)?

Since I don’t know what a proper LaTex reference looks like… So I googled Endnote Latex and got many many hits from what appear to be very knowledgable people.  I would go that route if I were you.  

Hey, thanks a lot. Yes, I have checked that, still looking for the right way.