X4 and MS Office 2010 - Cite While you Write Bugginess

I’ve been using X4 and Word 2010 for about two weeks, with Cite While You Right.

At first everything seemed to be fine, but a problem cropped up and is now so large that it’s slowing my work down. In Word 2010 I click “get citation,” which takes me to the EN search box. I search, find the reference, and click ‘insert.’ I’m shot back to the doc automatically, but nothing happens there. No cite. If I try again I get a notice that Endnote needs my attention.

Then Endnote tells me: Microsoft Word is not responding. Click ‘try again’ or ‘cancel.’

Sometimes hitting ‘try again’ once will work. Sometimes hitting it ten times will not work.

Very frustrated, here. Any small word oabout where to start trying to fix this would be very much appreciated.

I am really not sure, but you might want to choose another output style first e.g. Vancouver (format bibliography / output style) and try again to insert citations.

Any guru assistance on this? I am having the same problem with a very slow insertion of citations–up to a minute for each, with the same error messages. Also using brand-new X4 and Word 2010 with a new Windows 7 machine.

Good god! We’re still facing these types of problems in the EndNote <–> Word relation?

I’ve been using X4 and Word 2010 for around two/three months now, and it seems that as my reference library grows this freezing problem gets exponentially worse. I’ve done clean reinstalls of each program in several different combinations to see if there is anything in the install process that I’m missing - so far nothing. 

The problem I get is when I ‘insert selected citation’ or modify any in-text citation in a document. Word freezes momentarily and EndNote gives the following error;

“This action cannot be completed because the “[name of document]” program is not responding. Choose “Switch To” and correct the problem”

The word freeze eventually resolves itself within 5-10 seconds, though continued use of EndNote requires me to click “retry” to connect and continue using the program until the next instance of the same problem occurs again. Most frustrating.

I have a few hypotheses as to why this might be happening. Any assistance of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Reference duplicates where I’ve imported references from other libraries or populated a document with references from multiple libraries. (currently working on culling it down to 1 library… so will report back on what happens)

  2. Size/number of references in a document (seems to be a correlation between freeze time and number of references in a document)

  3. x86 version of Word on a x64 machine…?

Thanks in advance for your help, 



I just want to bump this as I’m finding it to be an issue as well.

@meremaiden wrote:

I just want to bump this as I’m finding it to be an issue as well.

There’s a patch for EndNote X4 which upgrades the program to X4.0.2. Information about the patch and downloading the file is available here:  http://www.endnote.com/support/ENX401_Win_updater.asp

If you’ve installed the patch and are still experiencing problems, suggest contacting tech support:


Sorry to come back to this old thread -

but actually I experience exactly the same problem as explained here (insert citation is followed by freeze) with ms word 2010 and endnote x5(!) on a windows 64x system (8GB working memory).

Is there any patch like the one suggested for x5?

Any help will be appreciated


I presume you have already updated to X5.0.1?  Via the Help menu, “Endnote program updates”? 

Do you have bluetooth on the machine (it was on mine and I didn’t know it)?  See this thread.