Write and Cite in Word


I am trying to insert a citation into a Word document. I click on EndNote in the menubar at the top of the document. Brings up the menu for choosing the citation. 

But, when I try to select style, there is nothing there. And when I click on insert citation, I get the dialogue box to choose my citation. But when I type in a search term, nothing happens. I have the library open. 

I’ve looked at lots of the discussions and on several university sites that give directions. But nothing is working. I’d appreciate any help. 

which version of Endnote?  Online or desktop? Can you give a screenshot of word and the word ribbon view?  Hard to help if we don’t know what you are seeing or using?  Is there an output style selected in word?  

Hi Leanne,

Thanks so much for replying. Turns out that I had a remote session with a guy from EndNote today. Everything was configured correctly, but it still wouldn’t work. So we ended up reinstalling EndNote andit worked. Yay!

Hi Leannee,

Thanks for getting back to me. A guy from EndNote helped me today in a remote session and we ended up just reinstalling. And it worked. Yay.