X1 Mac: where is the update for Word 2008?

Hi everyone,

while Endnote X2 for windows was just released there is also a pledged update for X1 Mac users to get Word 2008 in use. But since months there is no word about it. Now we get the information that X2 for Mac will be released later this year. It seems all X1 Mac users will be forced to buy a new version o get that problem fixed. Any updates to this?


We are currently testing beta versions of a free update patch for EndNote version X1 for Macintosh CWYW compatabiity with MS Word 2008.

We hope to have this publically availble in the next couple of weeks. 


Is there any progress on this? The time it is taking suggests that there is a problem! I am sure many of us would settle for a second rate work round, rather than have nothing.



i agree! i recently bought EN X1 and MS Office 2008 for Mac–only to learn that the two programs aren’t even on speaking terms!  (what???  thomson, how does that even happen??   if you’re incompatible with MS Word, then aren’t you prety much useless?)  now EN X2 is out–and i’ve hardly even used my X1 in hopes that the promised patch would arrive in a timely fashion…

i too hope there will be a fix  for those of us sticking with X1.

Yes, this is pretty unbelievably bad.  I’ve been trying to keep my Endnote X1 database up to date, but these days I’m pretty much having to swap over to more usable software.  Most of which is FREE!  Zotero etc…  I even resorted to buying a copy of “Papers”, for Mac users this is by far the best reference manager out there (not free, but cheap).

EndNote:  you’re too slow, and too unreliable!

The EndNote X1.02 Macintosh update patch for CWYW compatibility with Microsoft Word 2008 is ready. This is free to all registered customers of EndNote X1 for Macintosh.

A link to download this will be posted today.

FYI, the update was just posted, available at:


So, does it work for you? Because I installed the update and added the “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot” about the add ins menu of Word 2008. So the toolbar appears but clicking an icon, nothing happens.

(I use Office 2008 12.1.1)

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I get a little floating toolbar in word, but no Endnote Menu under tools, and the floating toolbar I cant seem to dock with all the rest of the word tools, its just floating around in its own window!

It does seem to work though, by pressing the toolbar buttons, I’ve just always foudn it easier to use the menu, as I cant remember what the icons mean.  

Is there supposed to be a menu under tools?

So I can see the Word 2008 bundle file in my Word startup folder but really nothing works: clicking on an icon of endnote toolbar or using the word menu.

Do I have to re-install the CWYW plugin/add in again and how?

I’ve installed CWYW but nothing happens when I run either word 2008 or Endnote X1… I don’t even see the Endnote toolbar…

What can I do ? 

The EndNote X1 patch for Word 2008 should be installed after the Word 2008 Service Pack 1 (12.1)  has been installed. If you installed the patch first and then the Service Pack for Word, I would suggest removing “EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle” from the “Microsoft Office 2004:Office:Startup:Word” folder and then downloading and running the EndNote X1 patch again. Be sure to follow the steps posted on the patch download page: http://www.endnote.com/support/CWYW_Word_2008.asp

    *  Download the file “CWYW_Word_2008.dmg” (File Size: 3 MB).
    * Close EndNote and Microsoft Word 2008.
    * Double-click the “CWYW_Word_2008.dmg” file to mount.
    * Double-click the “CWYW For Word 2008.pkg” file to start the installer.
    * Follow the installer prompts to update Word 2008.

That’s what I did. I have installed 12.1 two days ago and today the Endnote Patch. And it seems as if the toolbar icons and the Endnote menu in Word is just useless. Nothing happens by clicking…

In Word, click on the Tools menu and select Templates and Addins. What items (EndNote and otherwise) are listed here? Be sure to include which files are checked and which are unchecked.

All updates were already done when I installed the patch.

I followed exactly the steps posted on the patch download page,  but nothing happened. I was using Endnote X1 with Office X and there was no problem. I tried to uninstall Office X, no results. I installed again Office 2008, then Endnote X1, there are still no communication between the 2 softwares.

And when I choose the “Customizer” in Endnote menu, whatever I do, the line with CWYW remains unchecked.

When I try to run  EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle directly, it opens Word but again nothing happens.

I completely reinstalled Endnote X1 and the patch. I activated the “Endnote CWYW Commands.dot” and so I get the tool bar und menu. But again, nothing happens when I’m clicking.

Maybe it has something to do with a university licence or anything else? It’s really frustrating.

There may be a conflict with another software application as mentioned in this Frequently Asked Question:


Knowing the files listed under Tools > Templates and Addins would help determine if this might be related. 

Yes, it is listed under addins.

And there is no other addin running.

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It would help if you could provide the names of all of the files listed under Templates and Addins and include which items are checked and which are not.

I’ve got exactly the same problem.

In the Addins menu, the only one is CWYW commands.dot, which remains unchecked ever if I had checked it before, but nothing else is running. And none of the applications named in the FAQ are running on my computer.