Mac Word 2008 (12.2.1) and EndNote X2 refuse to talk to each other

After installing EndNote X2 about a month ago, I got it all set up and Word and EndNote were working well together (using Mac 10.5.8 software).  However, I noticed in the past week that Word and EndNote weren’t communicating.  Today, I have already spent several hours combing this site and hitting every resource I can think of, but no luck.  So, here are the details (& things I’ve tried) - I certainly appreciate any feedback:

   • EndNoteX2.0.1 with new CWYW folder in EndNote application folder (per TR website)

  • Word 2008 updated to 12.2.1

  • I have used ‘customize’ in EndNote several times to make sure the pathway was set correctly (even replaced the EndNote bundle in the Word start-up folder several times);

  •  I have gone into Words “Templates and Add-ins…” dialog and can manually activate the CWYW toolbar, but even loading the add-in file into Word does not make the toggle ‘stick’ after closing and reopening Word (i.e. when reopening Word, the EndNote toolbar is gone;

  •  Even if I can get the EndNote toolbar to appear using the Templates and Add-ins… dialog (only happens about 50% of the time), none of the commands work.  e.g. if I click on “go to EndNote”, nothing happens (nor anything for any other command);

Any hints as to other things to do other than to punt and continue to resolve to never work with µsoft products again?

Thanks,  Tim

Hi all:

Okay - finally got them both working together again, but it took

  1. devolving Word back to version 12.0,

  2. reinstalling EndNote,

  3. manually installing CWYW bundle (in Microsoft Word Startup folder)

  4. reinstalling CWYW command documents in EndNote control folder,

  5. erased Word preference (plist) document

  6. then evolved Word back to 12.2.1 version,

  7. reset the StartUp folder location in Word document preferences pane and

Viola!  It all works again!

Yes, something was seriously wrong somewhere, but it didn’t work until step 7…

(And I had tried resetting disk permissions and all the standard stuff…).

So, my 24-hr work-stoppage seems to be over (at this point)…