X2 opens instead of X4 (purchased update) when importing from Google Scholar

I recently purchased an X4 update to my X2.  I purchased the update on CD rather than the online download.

When trying to import a reference from Google Scholar, X2 opens instead of X4 and I get an error message.  I had X4 open, but X2 still opened when trying to import from Google Scholar.  How can I get X4 to open instead of X2?  Do I need to keep X2 in order for the X4 update to work?  I use Firefox, not Internet Explorer.


if you select to import from Google Scholar to Endnote do you get a window in which you have to select “Open with …” or  “Save File”? Or does the import to EndNote directly starts?

If you dont get the window than you maybe selected the option to “do this automaticaly for files like this from now on” after you selected for the first time to open them with EndNote X2.

To correct it just go to the Firefox-Options->Application-Tab->Scroll down to “EndNote Import File” and switch the linked Application from EndNote X2 to X4 (either you already have the option or you get it at “use other”).