X5. Formatting of in-text citations

In X5 the formatting for in-text citations has been changed. It’s now a drop-down list. This is a step backwards in usability. Having the opportunity to display citations as: author (year) is not bad but - as before - it is much easier to use check boxes than drop-down lists. This development needs to be reversed!

Also, and this is a HUGE problem: I cannot longer exclude author AND year in order to show just page numbers in repeated citations of a reference in a paragraph or so. This is for me a reason to go back to version X4!

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If you simply want to exclude the author or the year, you now have to click an additional time thereby slowing or actually interrupting the workflow and reducing productivity. This is incredible! This iin a world where we constantly talk about improving performance!


Yes, we know about this issue. This was an unforeseen consequence when adding the frequently requested “In Bibliography Only” option and didn’t surface until the release. We are working on a fix for our scheduled update in the Fall, as well as trying to identify viable workarounds in the meantime.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Your other point about the extra click is helpful feedback too.

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 - Mathilda, the EndNote team


So it has been 6 months . . . . when can we expect this gross oversight to be fixed?

We are wrapping up the Fall update now  which will be available within the next two weeks. An announcement will be posted here when it’s ready for download. 

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thank you!!!

In June I upgraded to X5 but had to request a refund since my dissertation had googles of references with page numbers only. I would like to know if, like my original purchase, I will be eligible for a discounted upgrade. Otherwise I will wait until X6 comes out since I will likely receive a discount when it is released.


It is my understanding, if you own a copy of endnote, I believe you can get the upgrade price - it doesn’t have to be the latest version, if that is what you are asking. 

In past updates Thompson Reuters has given a $20.00 discount on updates to those who did an early update. Such was the case when I upgraded last, so that I only paid roughly $80.00. Due the circumstances I already described would I be granted the same opportunity?


Clearly, X5 was not tested properly or was it an oversight omitting the author and year feature.  In solving this problem, I have to use another PC with Endnote version 9.  I would advise not to pay for Thomson Reuters software errors and demand a free upgrade.

Good luck with your dissertation!

This was addressed in the X5.0.1 update which is available now.

Ward - Please send me a private message with your email address so I can follow up on the upgrade discount.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team