EndNote X5 and Word 2010 on Vista

Please help,

I have EndNote X5 (licensed) and Word 2010. I’ve now tried on two separate machines and have the same problem:

When I go to update a citation (i.e. reorder it/edit it) within text, I have messages that say that Word is “collecting in-text citations”, the bibliography is being updated, then “Assigning hyperlinks”, then Word seems to be ok (the timer turns to cursor) …until finally Word crashes, although displays the citation in the order I’ve asked for it. 

I’ve enabled and disabled the add-in and I still get the problem.

On my home PC, I’m using Vista. On my work laptop I’m using Windows 7.

I’m at the end of my tether - wasting 3 precious hours trying to get it to work with a PhD thesis waiting to be completed once-and-for-all!

I checked EndNote a moment ago and it gave me a “Call was rejected by callee” error.

first turn off CWYW (format bibliography dialog, third tab, and then try turning off the hyperlink option.  Then try formating. 

If that doesn’t work, on a copy, unformat the citations, then reformat.

If that doesn’t work, then unformat the citations (still working on a copy right!), removed field codes (select all, ctrl+Shift+ F9).  Scan for any non-unformated references, which may be the corrupted ones.  Delete them and reinsert.  (with CWYW off, they will remain as curly bracketed forms).  (Note, if you have table of contents, etc, you might want to “select some” from that point on, or just reinsert/regenerate them later.)  This process will remove any corrupted codes.  reformat. 

OK. Thanks Leanne. The first option seems to have worked, although it took a while to find the hyperlink option you mentioned.

From EndNote X5 I went to Tools/CWYW/Format Bibliography (Alt+F3) and Turned off instant formatting in the Instant formatting tab.

I couldn’t find the hyperlinks tab in Word 2010 or Endnote X5…but I must be slow!

Keeping an eye on it over the next series of edits and see how it goes…will report back here

Sorry,  There are check boxes  at the bottom of the Format Bibliography dialog, “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”  you want that unticked.  (on the Format Bibliography tab).  guess it doesn’t say “hyperlink” though.