EndNote X4 for Mac problem: 3 m-dash are always present!


I’m using EndNote X4 for Mac and I want to modify Chicago Style so instead of ibid to have short name of the author. The problem is that I always have 3 m-dash instead of the short name of the author, although:

  1. I’ve selected “Print the author list as defined above” in Footnotes/Author Lists.

  2. I’ve selected “Use short form” and “No special handling” in Footnotes/Repeated Citations.

Is this a bug, or I’m missing something?


P.S. I attach the ens file.
Chicago 16th A JSRI.ens (76.8 KB)

No answer? Pleaase!

I can give an exemple. I want to obtain no ibid., but:

[1] Martin Heidegger, Identity and Difference, trans. Joan Stambaugh (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1969). 55.

[1] Heidegger, Identity and Difference: 80-81.

Instead, I have:

[1] Martin Heidegger, Identity and Difference, trans. Joan Stambaugh (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1969). 55.

[1] ———, Identity and Difference: 80-81.

How can I change the 3 m-dash with the short name of the author in ibidem position?

Thank you very much.


P.S. I use Word for Mac 2011, EndNote X4.

I have restrained my self from answering, as I am not a footnote Guru, but I agree with you, this appears to be a bug.

I would only expect to see the ibid dashes if the settings were set differently.  It only happens if they are consecutive.  I could get arround it by manually changing the Short version template to an alternative field to hold the “short author” form, but that would be a real pain in the … - although could be used as a workaround for the time being. 

Unless there is some hard and fast rule that consecutive authors should always be replaced by dashes that I don’t know about.   

Thank you, Leanne,

I hope that this bug will be solved in the future update.


Hi Nicolae,

You mention that you have X4 installed. Can you confirm whether or not you have the latest updated installed, X4.0.2. We believe this was addressed in that subsequent release. If you do not have the update installed, go to http://www.endnote.com/support/ENX401_Win_updater.asp for the download. Then retest and let us know the status.

Best regards,

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

They were on a mac, but my X4.0.2 is up-to-date, and I see the problem. 

Nicolae - Can you try the attached style? If it works, this is related to an issue with the Mac style editor that we’re investigating. I tested on both Mac and Windows X4.0.2 and the setting works as expected.

Best regards,

 Mathilda, the EndNote team

Chicago 16th A JSRI Copy.ens (75.7 KB)

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That one works as expected on the WindowsXP, Word2003, EndnoteX4.0.2

It works! 

How can I modify myself another style? Or need I waiting for an update for the Mac style editor?

Thank you,


It’s bad that EN X5 have not solved that problem! Style Manager doesn’t work correctly on Max OS X Lion!


Hi Nicu,

The issue with the style editor was recently reported for Lion, and we have submitted a report to our development team.

Thank you for your patience as we work out this little quirk with the Lion operating system and the style editor.


Cheryl – The EndNote Team.