6 or more authors

Hi there,

For 6 or more authors we have been instructed to use author name and then et al,.for the first time.

I have updated my endnote and loaded a new profile, but it is still displaying all six authors for the first time and then et al for subsequent entries

Please can anyone help?

I need to submit essay but will loose marks again.

Sorry I am not that tech savvy, but grateful for anyone suggeting how I can sort this out.

Much obliged



assuming with “updated my endnote” you mean you have edited (or copied and edited) the output style that you are using with the author change?

“loaded a new profile” means what excactly? Have you changed the output style in endnote itself (which should only affect the preview in endnote itself) or did you change it in your document (which is what you want i guess?) ?

a step by step should be like:

-in endnote go to edit->output styles-> edit whatever style you are using

-in the edit window go to Citations->Author List and change First Appearance and Subsequent Appearance

-save it either as the old output style (just close the edit window and than save) or as copy of the old style (with the edit window still open go to File->Save As)

-in your document (i assume its Word?) go to the Endnote tab and in the style selection check if the right style is selected

your citations and bibliography should automatically update when you change the style in word. if not use the update Citations button.

In Word 2013/2010, the place to make sure you select the modified (and I do recommend you save as and change the name after modification)  is shown in the attached image.  After saving you will probably not see the modified version in the dropdown.  you will need to show all as highlighted and find it the first time.