A COM exception has occured (with x8 upgrade)

I just updated to x8, after reading that this was the fix. I am operating on a MacBook Pro (Sierra 10.12.6) and Word for Mac (version 15.33).

I have completed uninstalled and reinstalled CYWY and Endnote X8 and this error persists " A COM exception has occured. Object has been deleted."  whenever I click the “Update citations and bibliography” button.


The issue you describe sounds like a common one, and fortunately there is an easy solution.  We have prepared step-by-step instructions on our website which should help you resolve it.  These instructions are available at


Thank you for your assistance. While waiting for a reply, I copied and pasted, paragraph by paragraph into a new document. When I did this, I saw that a reference had been deleted, but a bracket was left behind (i.e., [ ). When I deleted this, the error was corrected. 

I am glad to hear the issue is resolved.

Please contact us again if anything else comes up.


I have the latest versions of Endnote (X8.2)  and Microsoft Word for Mac (16.12) and everytime I try to add a new reference, the following error message appears “A COM exception has occurred. Cannot edit Range”. Could you please help?

Thank you!

You might be having a conflict with another addin:

Please see:


If the steps from our website do not resolve the issue then:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or