Abbrev. journal name on *second* use?

As far as I can tell, the Journals Term List and the Journal Names setting in the style force me to choose either ALL full names or ALL abbreviated. 

What I want is this:

     Fogleman Aaron Spencer, “Jesus Is Female: The Moravian Challenge in the German Communities of British North America,” The William and Mary Quarterly 3d ser., 60 no. 2 (2003).

     Luca Codignola, “Roman Catholic Conservatism in a New North Atlantic World, 1760–1829,” WMQ 3d ser., 64 no. 4 (2007).

Putting in a short journal title in the record won’t do this, either; and in CMS 16 I use the short article title, so there is no journal entry, anyway. Any clever workarounds? 

You would need to customize the output style you are using to be able produce that format and you would need to populate a field in the reference with the spelling of the journal you want for the *second* use.

You might consider using the field Alternate Journal. You would then need to add the field into the output style.

You would be going to Footnotes > Templates and adding the field to the Journal Article - Short Form section. You would also need to check the setting under Repeated Citations that the Short Form radio button is selected.

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Check this thread, where someone needed something similar for footnotes vs bibliography.  I think it will work here too. 

Thanks for the suggestions. I was on a research trip so didn’t attend to this, but I believe the suggestions in the linked thread can be made to work.