Make "Journal Names" Options Different for Footnotes and Bibliography

Right now, the “Journal Names” options under “Output Style” editing is a global option. That means that any choices you make affect both footnotes and the Bibliography. Most styles that use footnotes, however, require abbreviations in the footnotes and the full journal name in the Bibliography. This is currently impossible to do (as I understand) with the “Journal Names” being a global option. I would like you to move that under the “Citations”, “Bibliography”, and “Footnotes” sections, thereby allowing me to change the option for each section needed.

Right now, the only solution is to put the abbreviation in the “Alternate Journal” field and use that in the Endnote Style field instead of the regular “Journal” field. The problem with this solution is that it makes the Journal Term List useless. It also makes me put the abbreviation for every Journal into the “Alternate Journal Field.” The Journal Term List would be helpful if I could use it. 

Thank you.