Adding a space before in-text citation while using ranges for consecutive citations

I like to use a superscript number for my in-text citations, but I also like to use a range for consecutive numbers. I am working with a template based on J Molecular Biology (with the numbering in citations changed to use ranges). With the font that I am using in MS Word (Arial), the superscript citation is very close to the text, so I’d like to insert a space before my citation (and within the citation) to generate a small space and make it look prettier. I don’t want to insert a space in the normal text in Word, because the space is too large. I tried to insert a space before “Bibliography Number” in the in-text citation template. This creates exactly the space I’d like, but causes the “use ranges in citation” to stop, so there are now commas between consective numbers. Is there a way to fix this or another way to use EndNote insert a space before all my in-text citations? Thanks for any help!

Did you try to insert a “link adjacent” space rather than a regular space? 

I did try that, and, although it wasn’t working yesterday, today I opened the file to find exactly what I wanted to see. It must not have been updating correctly yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!