Remove added space before in-text citation.

Having a bit of difficulty finding out how to remove the automatically added space when adding in-text citations? For example:

text text text. {Citation #1,2018}. 

How do I get rid of that automatically added space before the {Citation}?

I suspect it is an “insert text” setting in Word if it is inserted when you are not after a space? 

It doesn’t happen to mine (Windows 2007, Word 365, Endnote X8.2), although it puts in an automatic space the insert citation. I can’t find where this setting could be adjusted thought, as I think one used to be able to do in older versions of Word.  I tried both using the insert citation from the toolbar of Endnote (desktop) and by a ctrl+C and moving to the word document and using ctrl+V to insert.  

Or do you want endnote to somehow detect this later?  It won’t.  You could search and replace <space><open curly bracket> with just curly bracket, when unformatted?