Adding page numbers without updating bibliography (X4/Word2003)


I’m working in a large document (over 300p) in Word 2003 with X4, using footnote style for citation (Chicago A).

I would like to disable the autoupdate of the bibliography because it makes working slow. However, that makes it impossible to add page numbers to my citations, which seems to require to have this option turned on.

Anyone aware of solutions or ways around this?

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You can designate page numbers by using the @ sign to modify a temporary citation (temporary citation have curly braces). (Note that this will work only if your output style foot note templates include Cited Pages.) What you need to do is to: 1) turn off the autoformatting (CWYW),  2) convert the end-text citations to temporary citations, then 3) modify the designated temporary citation by inserting the @ sign with page numbers.

For example, your original citation when converted to a temporary citation will appear as:

{Smith, 1999 #24}

Now include the @ sign with page numbers:

{Smith, 1999 #24 @145-6}

For further information go to the Help menu and look up "@ symbol (cited Pages)’’.

Thank you so much, that’s really helpful and making this a lot easier!

There are other shortcuts to adding prefixes or suffixes too, to the unformated citation  – {for a review see \author, year #RecNo and references therein}  for example will be formatted as (for a review see Author, Year and references therein)