Adjusting X7 to Accommodate Word 2010 "Corporate Author"

I am trying to add corporate authors to EN X7 as I go, since it doesn’t want to import them from Word.

if I go to

For the site of the JFK, Jr. tragedy, which has, in Word, the Washington Post as the corporate author, EN has no author.  So, I want to add the author, but EN has classified it a “Online Media” and doesn’t show an author, nor will it allow me to add an author field.

Now what?  Do I have to change the type to something that already has an author field?  Online Media very often has an author, so why no field?


Chuck Billow

This issue came up a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround for users as the developers need to address the issue.


Noticed Word has an Edit button adjacent to the Author field. Can you input Washington Post in the Author field instead of the corporate author field then edit the entry so it appears as:


Washington Post,

the author field in the reference type table appear to the “created by” field in the online media ref type.  You may also need to edit your output style to correctly use the field in the bibliography though.  Not all styles use all the reference types, and sometimes they are mishandled by the “generic” template. 

You can change the ref table and add or rename fields by going to the Endnote menu Edit: Preferences> reference types:  modify and then select the ref type you want to change. 

Leanne, that’s possible.  I may be back when trying to edit the ref table!



CG, yeah, that’ll have to do for now.  Be nice if they would fix this, as it would seem to be a fairly basic element of citing.

The one problem with that solution is that one would either need to edit ALL corporate authors, and then import to EN, or repeatedly import as the changes are made.  As I noted to Leanne, there could easily be hundreds or even thousands of corporate authors to edit, so a onetime edit session is less than probable.  At therisk of being overly obvious and redundant, I cannot understand why or how the developers missed such a basic component of the transfer process from Word.

Every time I start using EN, I end up coming up against this obstacle, and, while a one-item edit is no biggie, the assessment of the more-than-nominal time investment always ends up with my returning to Word’s citation solution.

Sad, as EN in its core is a phenomenal tool.




If I am going to put in a company name with an ending comma (IBM Corp.,)
, what happens with combined punctuation, like that explale, or something like

S.J. Gorves and Sons, Co.


EN seems to have issues figuring out where to end the title because it dropped part of the name, showing only a period.



Chuck Billow

missed one step  Edit: preferences >ref type …  will also change in the msg below.