After upgrade to X2 get "server execution failed" and still Endnote X1 on Word Tools menu - solution

Running Word 2003 and Win XP Pro SP3.

After upgrade to X2.0.4 (build 4459) I now get “server execution failed” when trying to insert citations.

I note that on Word Tools menu I see “Endnote X1” — so apparently my CWYW tools are incorrect.

OK, so I copied the product support .dot files in

C:\Program Files\EndNote X2\Product-Support\CWYW to

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\EndNote

replacing the existing different files - no effect.

OK, so in Word I went into Tools | Templates and AddIns and removed the Endnote templates, then re-added the correct (I assume) files now in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\EndNote - no effect - still Endnote X1 on tools menu.

OK, found there was ANOTHER location for the CWYW ,dot files and .dll files: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Thomson ResearchSoft\Cwyw

Copying all the files from C:\Program Files\EndNote X2\Product-Support\CWYW into that folder (replacing all the files which were older - namely ALL of them)  - finally produced an Endnote X2 toolbar in Word, and Endnote X2 on the Tools menu.

FINALLY it worked !!!

Strictly you’d expect under XP that CWYW would run from the addins in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\EndNote … but hey, this is Endnote folks!!!