Allocating and Separating Primary from Secondary Sources in Bibliography

I am trying to find a feature, which I have been told by an Endnote contact Shriram Venkatesh does not exist, to designate my resources in Endnote as ‘Primary’, ‘Secondary’, ‘Study Aids’, etc. so that the Bibliography will create such subheadings and then alphabetize my resources according to their respective ‘primary’, ‘secondary’, etc. designations. When writing larger CWYW documents, such as theses and dissertations, these subheadings in the Bibliography/Work Cited section are mandatory. I have tried a few settings, none of which works perfectly. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

You’ll get better responses if you post your question to the appropriate section of the forum. Could you repost your question to the “How To” section of the forum then delete your original post from “Product Suggestion”.

Offhand, however, you could add a custom field to your reference types to enable categorizing the references by “type”:   ‘Primary’, ‘Secondary’, ‘Study Aids’, etc. Then change the bibliography sort order to include the custom field/categories then sort by Author name.  Would help to know the output style you’re using and the names of the categories.

We are working on a feature like this for the upcoming EndNote version X7.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team