alternative numbering of references in tables and figures



I’m writing a manuscript, and according to the rules of the journal, the tables and figures should be added at the end of the manuscript. However, the references should be numbered  “in the order in which they first appear in the manuscript. References in figures, panels, and tables should be numbered in sequence with the references in the text where that figure, panel, or table is cited.”


So if I reference to the table in my third paragraph, say, but I can only really put the table on the last page, how can I make sure Endnote will number the references in the table in sequence with the numbering in the third paragraph?


Thank you in advance for your help!

The best way to achieve this, is to insert the references in the text where you cite the table and Select them to make them hidden text (so you can find it/see it).  – Or you can insert the references, but then “edit citation” (right click in formated citation) and choose show only in bibliography -but then you can’t “see” where the citation has been added.  However you will have the words “Table 1” in the text so you know where it is.