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 I am a medical librarian.  Part of my job is teaching intro to EndNote sessions.  Sometimes I get questions that are more advanced, and my own level of usage has not caught up with them yet.  Today I got one of those.  (Also, she keeps calling it Endnotes.  Which bugs me for some reason…)  Patron is using output style for Curr Op Cell Bio since HIB/AIDS doesn’t have its own style but all Current Opinions are pretty much the same.  I couldn’t find any detailed info on the site about tables and figures.  So I am copying the email I received here to see if any of you can help.  This forum has been a big help in the past, so I have high hopes for y’all!  Here goes!:

I am submitting a manuscript to Current Opinion in HIV& AIDS. Below is the message I received from them with regards to how citations in a table need to be formatted.

"References cited in figures or tables must be numbered in sequence, according to the position of the first text citation of the figure or table. To clarify, if the text directs a reader to a table/figure, and citations are present in the table/figure, each citation has to be numbered in sequence relative to the preceding text.  Where the text resumes, the numbering picks up again.  For example your table 2 is first cited after reference 19 so the refrences with the table should be numbered 20, 21, 22 etc . "

I am unfamiliar with how to do this in Endnotes without changing the in-text citation order of the articles that are also in the table. For example, if I insert the table directly after the first time it was mentioned in the text the numbering of in-table citations continues numbering with the paper. However, if I remove the table to the end of the document (which is required by the editors) then the in-table citation is not numerical, but instead is consistent with the numbering of each article’s in-text citation.

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I would recommend leaving the table where they want it in relation to the numbering until they are ready to submit, then unlink the fields and move it to the end.  Unlink using the Endnote toolbar (remove links) or Select all (Ctrl A) then Ctrl+Shift+F9 (Words unlink fields). 

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Yes!!!  She just came in and we did it!  We took the document with the table in the text, removed the field codes, then cut and pasted the table to the end of the document.  The citations remained as if the table were in the text, with in-table citations inline with in-text ones.