Annotated bibliography

I have to prepare an annotated bibligopghy. I’m using Word and inserting the reference on a Mac.
When I inset the citation using APA referencing the braketed summary reference appears and the detailed reference appears automatically at end of page as it should.

My problem is with the format I need I just want the detailed reference in the body of the document and no summary reference at end of document. How can I do this? Thanks

Instead of using CWYW which is designed to produce a citation and Bibliography you could instead select the reference or references in the library that you want to insert then in EndNote go to Edit then down to Copy Formatted.

You would then switch back to Word and place your cursor in the body where you want the text to appear and paste.

You would get the full reference where your cursor was placed. You would also be able remove and text you do not want to appear by simple deleting it.