Anyone has a reference style for Journal of Essential Oil Research?

I am looking for this style, but it is not in Enote style.

If anyone has it already, Can I have it?


It really helps to provide the link to instructions.

Usually the publisher has a “house style” and you can use anyone, but Taylor & Francis has 3 pages of endnote styles on the endnote download site.  – I started to look but didn’t find the exact match.  (the link above doesn’t include a “style number” at the top, which might have helped).  The out of the box “numbered” style is very close.  I edited the order of the first author name (first/last) and append the edited style. (the precise instructions from the journal website are below)


The References must be numbered consecutively in the text (one reference per number) and should be typed in order on a separate page. Within the text, the reference should appear as follows: “…as described by Lincoln et al. (5).” A maximum of 40 references is suggested unless the manuscript is a review article.

All references must be typed in full, including all editors’ names for book citations, using the following style:

(*titles are italicized, and vol numbers are bolded, but that didn’t copy/paste over).  I would check the   

Reference list

  1. B. M. Lawrence, Essential Oils 1988–1991. Allured Publ. Corp., Carol Stream, IL (1993).

  2. R.P. Adams, Identification of Essential Oil Components by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, 4th edn. Allured Publ. Corp., Carol Stream, IL (2007).

  3. B.M. Lawrence, A Study of the Monoterpene Interrelationships in the Genus Mentha with Special Reference to the Origin of Pulegone and Menthofuran. Ph.D. Thesis, Rijksuniversiteit, Groningen (1978).

  4. B.M. Lawrence and J.K. Morton, Cytological and Chemical Variation in Mentha. Paper No. AG/b-01, Vth International Essential Oil Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1971).

  5. B.M. Lawrence, A further examination of the variation of Ocimum basilicum L. In: Flavors and Fragrances: A World Perspective. Edits., B.M. Lawrence, B.D. Mookerjee and B.J. Willis, pp. 161–170, Elsevier Sci. Publ. B.V., Amsterdam (1988).

  6. D.E. Lincoln, M.J. Murray and B.M. Lawrence, Chemical composition and genetic basis for the isopinocamphone chemotype of Mentha citrata hybrids. Phytochemistry, 8, 1857–1863 (1986).

  7. The International Fragrance Association Website. (10 February 2010)
    oil.ens (16.8 KB)