APA 6th adding [Article] to citations

For some reason Endnote is adding the article type in brackets for journal articles. I can remove it but… why would this be inserted in the default template when I cannot find in the APA manual. Am I missing something?

I also think it is strange for the default title to be “as entered” when APA says it should be “Sentence Case” for them all.

Any information would be appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to add I am using version 5 but this also existed in version 4.

Looking at section 7.01 on page 201 of the APA 6th manual, I would guess that the Type of Article field has been included in the Journal Article template for things like Special issue, Special Section, Monograph, Editorial, Supplemental material and Abstract.

Looking at Journal Article references in my library, the field is blank for normal journal articles. The non-empty occurrences are: Case reports, Clinical Trials, Poster Abstract and Review.

I expect the reason the Title capitalisation field is set to Leave as is in the EndNote style file is so that you don’t have to enter every proper noun into the Change Case preference to force the capital to occur once sentence case is applied.