Problems with APA 6th citation style


I have a problem with the cite while you write plug in in Word (I only have the endnote online service, not the programm itself) while using the APA 6th Style. 
Normally APA 6th style would enter citations like: (Author, year) 

If I insert a citation it comes in the following form: 
(Author, year, title of the book)

How can I get the “normal” APA Style (Author, Year)?

Any help out there?

Thanks in advance

I don’t have that happen when I use “APA 6th” from my online list?  Try switching to Cell and then maybe try going back again.

You would see the format {Author, year, title} when using EndNote online when the Instant Formatting feature is turned off in the document.

Please see the steps on our website for turning that back on.

If that does not resolve the issue please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1